We offer complimentary repacking of dry foods. You may opt for this service when purchasing via our website. 

Repacking is done by our automatic repacking machine into smaller 2kg bags.

Please note that any warranty or guarantee on the quality of the food/product will be null and void for all repacked food.

Nekojam will not accept any exchange or refund for repacked food/products

Nekojam will not be liable for any damages, claims, and/or liabilities related to the repacked food.

All repacked food will come with the original packaging of the product. The expiry date will remain the same.

Repacking of foods will only be available for foods that weight 6kg / 13lb or more, EVEN IF YOU SELECT REPACKING FOR ANYTHING LESSER THAN 6kg / 13lb, WE WILL NOT REPACK IT.

The sum of all repacked bags should be equal to the original packaging. Please allow +/- 5% weight difference due to wastage.

The repacking machine is in a facility that handles many brands and variety of pet food.